Dear Colleagues,

We have had a few people asking about how to sign up as a member to  
the RPH RMO Society, so I’ve included a how to guide and screen shot  
for completing the online deductions form below.

RMO Society membership is open to all Junior Doctors (anyone that is  
not a Consultant) at RPH. Being a member of the society not only gives  
you a voice and advocacy but the RMO Society also provides food,  
education and social events for all members.

Follow these steps to become an RMO Society member:
1. Log in on a health computer with your HE number
2. Go to healthpoint (or click this link
3. Go to the RPH / Bentley hub
4. Click the JMO button in the right-hand menu at the bottom of the page
5. Go to the Deductions (General Forms and Information) section of the  
JMO page
6. Click on eD26 and then click on the purple icon
7. Fill in the following sections
          a. Action – add and social deduction
          b. Deduction – type in 779 RMO social club
          c. Effective date – should be today’s date
          d. Amount – $20 click per fortnight
          e. Enter phone number
8. Then click save and you are done!

Alternatively, if you are not using a computer that is connected to the intranet, you can obtain the physical form D8 through this website. Click here. However, this form needs to be forwarded to HSS manually and may have longer processing time. The method above is preferred.

Any issues please don’t hesitate to get in touch with anyone on the  
RPH RMO Society Committee