ECG #3

ECG #3

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Atrial = 82 min-1

Ventricular = 82 min-1


Sinus rhythm

P waves:  

Duration = 80 ms

Amplitude = 0.15 mV

PR interval:

Duration = 60 ms

Morphology = normal

QRS complex:

Duration = 130 ms

Axis = -4°

Q Waves:


R wave progression:


LV Hypertrophy [Sokolow; SV1 + (RV5 or RV6) > 35mm) or RI + SIII > 25mm]?


RV Hypertrophy [R/S ratio V5 or V6 < 1 or R/S ratio V1 > 1 or S1S2S3 pattern]?


ST segments:

Duration = 120 ms

Morphology = sagging downslope V1, V2

T waves:

Duration = 120 ms

Morphology = inverted aVL, V1, V2, biphasic I

QT interval:

QT duration = 380 ms

QTc duration = 443 ms

Additional comments:  

Prominent delta wave.

Interpretation: This is Wolff-Parkinson-White Syndrome type B (prominent S wave in V1, as opposed to the tall R wave observed in type A). The very tall QRS complexes are part of the disease and do NOT represent left ventricular hypertrophy (although these are very tall in this case). This patient was known to have WPW and presented with abdominal pain. This was a routine ECG and the patient was normotensive.



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