Blood gas #22

Describe and interpret this venous blood gas:

History: A 73-year-old woman with a background of COPD presents to the emergency department with a 2-day history of influenza-like symptoms, dyspnoea and drowsiness. She reports anorexia and reduced oral intake, but no other gastrointestinal symptoms.

pH 7.35 Na 114 mmol/L
pCO2 74 mmHg K 3.0 mmol/L
pO2 56 mmHg Cl 69 mmol/L
HCO3 40 mmol/L Ca 0.98 mmol/L
 Glucose 7.4 mmol/L Mg 0.61 mmol/L
Lactate 0.8 mmol/L PO4 0.46 mmol/L
Urea 3.2 mmol/L Creatinine mmol/L 42
Spot urine Na 59 mmol/L hs-TnI 399 ng/L*
Plasma Osmolality 244 mmol/kg Urine osmolality 59 mmol/kg


*hs-TnI = high-sensitivity troponin

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