Blood Gas Mnemonics

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High Anion Gap Metabolic Acidosis C Carbon Monoxide, Cyanide A Alcohol, Alcoholic Ketoacidosis T Toluene M Metformin, Methanol U Uraemia D Diabetic Ketoacidosis P Paraldehyde, Phenformin, Paracetamol, Propylene glycol I Iron, Isoniazid L Lactic acidosis (any cause) E Ethylene glycol S Salicylates Causes of Lactic Acidosis Type A: Imbalanced oxygen supply and demand Type B: Metabolic derangements Carbon monoxide Shock […]

Locked Jaw

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Key Points Adequate procedural sedation Protect your thumbs Firm downward and posterior pressure Post procedure care and advice. Management Ensure no contraindications to procedural sedation Ensure no temporomandibular pathology Ensure airway competent senior is available to manage airway Procedural sedation Ketamine 0.5mg/kg Midazolam 1mg Fentanyl 50microg Pad thumbs and place over lower molars, grasp mandible with fingers in a reverse […]

Ramping up

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In the spirit of making life easier for JMOs, we are hoping to make this your go-to source. It is a public site, so there are limits to what can be published, but we have added a few new sections: ISOBAR – Rotation Guides and Handover notes Forms – the key JMO forms Education – Links to useful education resources […]


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Evernote The swiss army knife of applications – lets you store notes, pdfs, pictures, photos, scan documents and drawings – all in a searchable, mobile accessible app. Available on Mac, PC, Android and iOs.¬†Evernote Paucis Verbis Notes – clear concise printable summaries of many topics backed by evidence. Listen to Scott Weingart’s thoughts on creating a ‘mind palace‘ for your […]