Locked Jaw

Key Points

  • Adequate procedural sedation
  • Protect your thumbs
  • Firm downward and posterior pressure
  • Post procedure care and advice.


  • Ensure no contraindications to procedural sedation
  • Ensure no temporomandibular pathology
  • Ensure airway competent senior is available to manage airway
  • Procedural sedation
    • Ketamine 0.5mg/kg
    • Midazolam 1mg
    • Fentanyl 50microg
  • Pad thumbs and place over lower molars, grasp mandible with fingers in a reverse jaw-thrust position.
  • Apply firm downward and posterior pressure to relocate jaw.

Post Procedure Care

  • Post sedation observation
  • Bandage head to ensure patient keeps jaw closed
  • Advise to avoid driving for 12 hours.
  • Advise to avoid foods that require chewing for 48 hours.


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