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The hospital health check

Hospital Health Check survey is open for 2018. The annual Hospital Health Check (HHC) has become a significant survey of issues affecting Doctors in Training (DiTs) in WA and a key tool for advocating on behalf of junior doctors in

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Communicating medical science: the pathway from discovery to mass media

Dr Chris Smith – the Naked Scientist – “Science stripped down to its bare essentials” – is presenting at this weeks grand round to talk about science communication. Dr Smith is an internationally renowned science communicator by radio and podcast,

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Increasingly we are using ROTEM to determine the type and appropriate management of coagulopathy. What is ROTEM? Viscoelastic testing of patient blood clots – these properties correlate with quality of clotting ability of whole blood. Why is it useful? Haemostasis

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Clearing the C-Spine

C-spine clearance Presention Courtesy of Ivan Thia

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Artificial Intelligence in Radiology  

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RPH Emergency Department Christmas Party 2016

Date: Saturday 10th December 2016 Time: 19:00 ’til late Venue: Bayside Kitchen, 8 Hackett Drive, Crawley, WA 6009 Dress code: Cocktail Attire (no jeans please) Cost: Social club members $30 Non-members $55 Ticket price includes two drinks tickets, food and a bus into town

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Blood Gas # 29

History: A 39 year old highly functioning professional female is brought to ED complaining of abdominal pain and nausea.  She has a VBG performed. pH 7.29 Na 138 mmol/L pCO2 28 K 1.4 mmol/L pO2 51 Cl 111 mmol/L HCO3

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Blunt Cardiac Injury

Blunt Cardiac Injury Slides

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Staggered Paracetamol Overdose

STEM: A 16yr old female presented to the emergency department at 0100 after taking an overdose of paracetamol.  She is normally fit and well with no past medical history.  She is alert and looks well, with normal vital signs.  She has taken

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Blood Gas # 28

History: A 42yr female was brought to ED as a priority 1 trauma after she was found on the floor at home.  History of alcohol abuse drinking at least 2 bottles of wine per day.  GCS12 (E3 V4 M5), confused. 

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