2021 Committee

Congratulations to the following on their election to the 2021 RPH RMO Society Committee.

  • President: Dr Ben Edland and Dr Todd Dennis
  • Vice-president: Dr Jess Haley and Dr Ash Burvill
  • Secretary: Dr Charlie Viska
  • Treasurer: Dr Kyle Raubenheimer
  • Social officers: Dr Nishita Rao, Dr Daniel Terriaca, and Dr Aksh Handa
  • Education officer: Dr Joesph Hanna
  • DCR officer: Dr Liang Jong
  • Sponsorship officer: Dr Ione Patten
  • IT officer: Dr Sarah Finlay-Jones
  • Wellbeing officer: Dr Jessie McCallum
  • Sports and recreation officer: Dr Jessica Patrick
  • Environment and sustainability officer: Dr Katherine Middleton
  • Marketing and media officer: Dr Maria Goggins
  • IMG officers: Dr Maria Goggins and Dr Liang Jong
  • General committee members: Dr Lauren Masi and Dr Phuong-Nam Nguyen

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